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Date: 2015-01-20

Verificacion Carbono Neutro



“We hope to motivate the certification of our strategic allies and help attain Costa Rica’s goal of carbon neutrality”



Within the context of its 75-year celebration, November 21, 2014 is a special date for PACHECO COTO. On this date, the firm received its Carbon Neutral Certification and became the first legal firm in Central America and the Caribbean, certified in accordance with the concept of neutrality of emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2e).

With the constant motivation of withholding its standards of excellence, and with the goal to support the national strategy of Climate Change for the attainment of “C” Neutrality in 2021, PACHECO COTO aimed for certification by the Carbon Unit of the EARTH UNIVERSITY.

For almost a year (Oct. 2012 to Sept. 2013) the Firm assumed the commitment of measuring its footprint by creating a greenhouse Gas Effect Inventory (GEI) as per the requirements of INTE-ISO 14064-1 AND INTE 12-01-06:2011 NORMS.

After establishing its base year and with the support of the methodology provided by the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) and the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), the Firm identified a footprint of 80 tCOe generated by the direct and indirect emissions of its operation at the Centro Empresarial Forum II Lindora.

As part of the process, an initial inventory was made of fuel consumption, consumption of energy by electrical equipment and appliances, as well as office lighting.  Emissions generated as a result of international air travel were also quantified.

Even though the certification process requires a yearly reduction of 5% of the total footprint inventory, PACHECO COTO ATTAINED C-NEUTRALITY WITH A 2.5 SURPLUS, taking into account the purchase of carbon bonds for 82 tCOe through the voluntary platform Carbon Market for the Planet (CFTP).

Currently, PACHECO COTO implements a series of eco-friendly measures such as:  an internal recycling program and electrical consumption indicators; a minimum imprint policy; the use of recycled paper and the rental of C-Neutral vehicles. Thus, during the second year it will be possible to compare the internal reduction to that of the base year.


After its certification, PACHECO COTO will provide an added value to its clients and generate chain-effect connections that will have a multiplier effect. Specifically, the Firm will provide clients guidance concerning the measurement (quantification) of their GEI emissions in order to comply with norm requirements, and in the development of reports on Neutralization that will enable them to opt for certification before the corresponding entities.

The C-Neutral certification, initiated three years ago by the Environmental Division of PACHECO COTO, is now a corporate achievement that we celebrate as part of our 75th anniversary. Roberto Cordero, Partner and Director of PACHECO COTO’s Environmental Division, states:

“We believe in the importance of practicing what we recommend.  Our goal is to motivate numerous other companies to quantify their footprint by giving them confidence through our environmental legal experience”.


Colonia La Virgen del Socorro Sarapiqui

Pacheco Coto will compensate 82 tCO2e in the forests of the El Ariz farm, Colonia La Virgen del Socorro, Sarapiquí, Heredia, within the buffer zone of the Braulio Carrillo National Park.









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