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Fundación Humberto Pacheco Coto

In 2009, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its establishment and to honor the memory of its Founder, PACHECO COTO —the dean of Costa Rica’s law firms—constituted the HUMBERTO PACHECO COTO FOUNDATION, a secular apolitical organization to implement our goals of corporate social responsibility. This non-profit entity has successfully undertaken important philanthropic projects of edu-cational nature, amongst which:

•A program of scholarships for law students with limited economic re-sources, established in alliance with the Latin American University of Sci-ence and Technology (ULACIT), which functions with excellent results;

•A project in the area of women’s rights, based on pre-emptive education and assistance to teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 18, through a pioneer formative-active model for the prevention of unwanted teenage pregnancy, by means of which the foundation completed the “Only for Girls” project with the participation of 720 teenagers in social disadvantage, from the counties of Santa Ana, Mora, the District of Hatillo and surrounding com-munities, all of the Province of San José.

This initiative was developed in alliance with the PANIAMOR Foundation, where the HUMBERTO PACHECO COTO Foundation provided the active solidarity and total financial investment required to complete the project.

•Through our foundation’s sponsorship, Pacheco Coto is providing legal and financial support to Proyecto Tierra Fertil, a non-profit project aimed at providing painting and reading skills workshops to approximately 180 chil-dren between the ages of 4 and 14 who live in Guararí, County of San Rafael, Province of Heredia, one of the most disadvantaged communities in the country.

Furthermore, Pacheco Coto contributed with pro bono legal counsel in the publication and protection of copyrights of a storybook written and illus-trated by Tierra Fertil’s children, as well as in the negotiations with the Mu-nicipal Government for the donation of a parcel to build a new facility for the project.

FHPC has been active in fund raising for an art exhibit of the paintings made by the children, as well as fund raising and co-organizing the yearly chil-dren’s Xmas party.  Through the FHPC, Pacheco Coto has constituted a task force of members committed to assist with the educational workshops and to repair the facilities where the project presently operates.

The Humberto Pacheco Coto Foundation is a secular, apolitical organization.

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