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Date: 2013-09-17

PACHECO COTO expands its international offices to Central America.

Costa Rica, September 16, 2013. In accordance with the firm’s strategic development plan, PACHECO COTO has opened new Central American offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. With this undertaking, the firm’s new regional partners include Ruby Asturias and her team in Guatemala; Mónica Machuca and Claudia Melendez in El Salvador; and Minerva Bellorin and Alonso Porras and their team in Nicaragua; all previously of Aczalaw Abogados Centroamericanos Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua respectively. Pacheco Coto’s new office in Honduras includes Senior Associate Andres Lacayo and a team of local associates.

This strategic expansion enables PACHECO COTO to offer clients the highest-quality legal services with harmonized and optimum standards across Central America.

PACHECO COTO is a legal firm headquartered in Costa Rica, with international offices in New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland, and regional offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras.

For more information, please contact Humberto A. Pacheco at

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