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humbeto-pacheco-a picDistinguished Clients and Friends:

The legal profession in Costa Rica has evolved within a historically unique democratic system that invariably encourages its liberal exercise, free of political or military repression or coercion, in compliance with the parameters of a developed civil society. This privileged situation —not only in Latin America but worldwide— engendered the selection of Costa Rica by the international community for seat of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the United Nations University for Peace. In 1949, Costa Rica was the first nation to abolish its army and, throughout the last 68 years, has been the sole truly demilitarized democracy in the world.

It is within this legacy of respect and legitimacy that we, the members of one of the oldest and most prominent law firms in the region, are committed to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.

2017 marks the 78th anniversary of the foundation of PACHECO COTO by my father, Humberto Pacheco Coto, and I am truly proud to have contributed, together with my partners and associates, to our Firm’s growth and consolidation through a solid commitment to our clients, hard work, profound expertise, and long-term success.

Today, Pacheco Coto is an international law firm acknowledged for its solid trajectory, forward thinking and innovation. Consistent with our vision of continued growth and advancement, the firm successfully created what is described as “a high-octane operation, with a superb team of lawyers, an enviable clientele, a first-class network of international offices and a historic reputation for excellence”.

This is the achievement of our Founder’s aspirations.

Very cordially yours,



Pacheco Coto ®