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Date: 2014-06-05

Our work vision promotes a society committed to and respectful of, its environmental legacy.

Through this Manifest and as citizens of the world, we reiterate our environmental responsibility towards the planet.

We believe in a sustainable model. Our personal and organizational goal will be, each day, to maintain the development of a business model where our environmental management constitutes an example. We will take every opportunity to reinforce the importance of individual contributions to our planet.

We will promote work practices that are environmentally conscious, thus helping to reduce our ecological footprint. For this purpose, we will develop clear directives that enable us to give continuity to our goals, and to review them on a yearly basis.

We will endeavor to do the right thing. We will be allies and defenders of the legal actions and mechanisms directed at respecting and contributing to the improvement of the environment. The excellence of our professional principles and standards will go hand in hand with preventive proposals and innovative solutions for our clients, concerning legal performance and compliance, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources.

We will contribute to entities dedicated to environmental conservation and preservation. We will support spaces for reflection, dialogue and education, which may contribute to strengthen respect towards the environment. We will be a platform to create and promote initiatives that may position the firm and its environmental division “ENLACE” as active agents for a positive change.

We celebrate life. We promote among our employees and their families, as well as among our clients and friends, the goal to build a better world. We will plant a seed of hope in future generations because we trust human ability to excel. We will take every opportunity to share a message of respect, humility and gratitude towards the wealth and biodiversity of Costa Rica and the world.

Every day, with each one of our actions, we will strengthen our desire to bequeath a green day. Together, we will inspire a future of hope.

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